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SPNZ issue of British Journal of Sports Medicine

Posted by British Journal of Sports Medicine and SPNZ on 23 July 2015 | 0 Comments Tags: ,

Congratulations to our Sports Physiotherapy SIG for their recent involvement with the British Journal of Sports Medicine.  The majority of the Journal was made up of New Zealand contributed articles.

There were editorials from SPNZ current President, Hamish Ashton titled Sports physiotherapy advancing in New Zealand. Past President Tony Schneider contributed an editorial titled Blood, sweat and tears: reclaiming the ethical high ground in sports physiotherapy.

There was a New Zealand theme throughout the entire Journal showcasing many Physiotherapy New Zealand member’s research. Below is a list of all of the articles. SPNZ members get direct access to The British Journal of Sports Medicine.


Sports physiotherapy advancing in New Zealand

Hamish Ashton

Blood, sweat and tears: reclaiming the ethical high ground in sports physiotherapy

Anthony G Schneiders

Common misconceptions about back pain in sport: Tiger Woods’ case brings five fundamental questions into sharp focus

Peter O'Sullivan

15 years of tracking physiotherapy evidence on PEDro, where are we now?

Steven J Kamper, Anne M Moseley, Robert D Herbert, Christopher G Maher, Mark R Elkins, Catherine Sherrington

Top tips for social media use in sports and exercise medicine: doing the right thing in the digital age

Osman Hassan Ahmed, Richard Weiler, Anthony G Schneiders, Paul McCrory, S John Sullivan

Predicting recurrent shoulder instability

Mark R Hutchinson, Bob McCormack


Risk factors which predispose first-time traumatic anterior shoulder dislocations to recurrent instability in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

M Olds, R Ellis, K Donaldson, P Parmar, P Kersten

The ‘Best Practice Guide to Conservative Management of Patellofemoral Pain’: incorporating level 1 evidence with expert clinical reasoning

Christian John Barton, Simon Lack, Steph Hemmings, Saad Tufail, Dylan Morrissey

A systematic review of the effects of upper body warm-up on performance and injury

J Matt McCrary, Bronwen J Ackermann, Mark Halaki

Original articles

Platelet-rich plasma does not enhance return to play in hamstring injuries: a randomised controlled trial

Bruce Hamilton, Johannes L Tol, Emad Almusa, Sirine Boukarroum, Cristiano Eirale,Abdulaziz Farooq, Rodney Whiteley, Hakim Chalabi

The prevalence, incidence and severity of low back pain among international-level rowers

Craig Newlands, Duncan Reid, Priya Parmar

Exercise and the platelet activator calcium chloride both influence the growth factor content of platelet-rich plasma (PRP): overlooked biochemical factors that could influence PRP treatment

Bruce Hamilton, Johannes L Tol, Wade Knez, Hakim Chalabi


New Zealand sports physiotherapy code of conduct

Lynley Anderson, Angela Cadogan, Michael Borich, Anthony Schneiders, Jeanne Snelling


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