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How physio can help

Find out how physio can help you regain movement by treating or preventing a range of chronic conditions and injuries

Read more about: Falls Prevention | After a stroke | After surgery | Arthritis | Asthma | At work | Back pain | COPD | Muscle Sprains | Pelvic floor disorders | Sports performance | Return to work |


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Physiotherapy Works: The Evidence

Download our series of evidence-based sheets on how physiotherapy can help a range of different health conditions. Each sheet covers case studies, research and cost effectiveness.


My Physio helped me...

To celebrate World Physiotherapy Day (September 8) we asked New Zealanders how physiotherapy has helped them. Here are some of their answers.


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How Physio Can Help

  • Falls Prevention

    As you get older you have a greater risk of falling. Physiotherapy can help by providing exercises that will improve your strength and balance, reducing... Read

  • After a stroke

    If you have suffered a stroke then physiotherapy can play a very important role in your recovery; both during your hospital stay and after you... Read

  • After surgery

    Surgery is sometimes needed to improve your health, or save your life and it can be stressful both emotionally and physically. A physio can help... Read

  • Arthritis

    Keeping moving is vital if you have arthritis. Physios are qualified and skilled in getting you moving around more freely despite your arthritis. They'll start... Read

  • Asthma

    Suffer from asthma? Then it’s essential that you learn how to breathe correctly; a physio can help you manage the physical effects of your asthma... Read

  • At work

    How many hours in your lifetime will you spend at work? A physio can help you be better at work by advising on posture, repetitive... Read

  • Back pain

    Over 80% of New Zealanders will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. If you’re one of them, then you’ll know what struggle... Read

  • COPD

    Are you breathless? Have you ever smoked? If so you could have a lung disease called COPD. While there is no cure there are treatments,... Read

  • Muscle Sprains

    A physio can help you recover from a muscle sprain or tear. The earlier you get help, the faster your injury is likely to... Read

  • Pelvic floor disorders

    If you sometimes experience urine leakage (incontinence) then you’re not alone, 1.1 million New Zealanders experience some form of this every month. The good news... Read

  • Sports performance

    If you play sport then you may have seen a physio for injury rehabilitation - but did you know physiotherapy can also improve your sporting... Read

  • Return to work

    Returning to work after an accident or illness can be a daunting task, but getting back to work has lots of benefits. A physio can... Read

  • DHB Leaders

    The District Health Board Leaders group are Physiotherapy Advisors, Leaders and Managers from District Health Board (DHB) physiotherapy services in New Zealand. Read

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