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Professional Guidelines

The following guidelines provide important information on the standards and professional behaviour expected from physiotherapists in New Zealand.

Physiotherapy Standards Framework 2018

The Physiotherapy Standards Framework provide a benchmark of minimum standards expected of registered physiotherapists in New Zealand. READ THE FULL FRAMEWORK HERE. The framework contains three sections, including the:

Aotearoa New Zealand Physiotherapy Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (2018)

Developed by Physiotherapy New Zealand and The Physiotherapy Board, the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct provides one document that the profession can go to for its ethical guidelines. READ HERE

Physiotherapy Standards (2018)

The Physiotherapy Standards describe in detail the expected minimum clinical and cultural standards for specific issues identified as relevant to physiotherapy. READ HERE

Physiotherapy Practice Thresholds in Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand (2015)

The Physiotherapy Practice Thresholds describe the threshold competence required for initial and continuing registration as a physiotherapist in both Australia and New Zealand. READ HERE

Sports Physiotherapy Code of Conduct 2013

The objective of the Sports Physiotherapy Code of Conduct (SPCC) is to provide a comprehensive set of guidelines for the professional behaviour expected of physiotherapists providing sports physiotherapy services. READ HERE

Physiotherapy New Zealand Position Statements

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