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Standing Committees

As well as PNZ Executive and Tae Ora Tinana, the standing committees perform very important work for Physiotherapy New Zealand.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The Finance, Risk and Audit Committee oversees the financial management of the Society and Scholarship Trust, regularly monitoring all expenditure and risks, with the mandate to ensure that PNZ remains in a strong financial position.

Professional Standards and Ethics Committee

The Professional Standards and Ethics Committee focuses on setting and promoting ethics and professional standards.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee aims to enahance the value of physiotherapy by supporting and recognising the professional growth of physiotherapists, and to establish and promote a career pathway for physiotherapists in New Zealand.

Private Practice Advisory Committee

This committee acts as the voice of private practice, representing their interests and needs.

Scholarship Trust Fund Selection Committee

The Scholarship Trust Fund was established in 1980 to promote, encourage and assist members carry out physiotherapy research and contribute to physiotherapy education in New Zealand. The committee meets annually to consider applications to the fund and decide on allocations of funding. Criteria and processes for applying to the Scholarship Trust Fund (members only)

Working parties

PNZ Executive establishes working parties as required to carry out limited-term tasks.

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